Alun Williams

Global Director - Offshore Renewables

Alun is responsible for the offshore renewables business in RPS. He has over 20 years’ consultancy experience, providing environmental advice and development support to projects. He has been involved in the offshore wind sector since its early inception, initially through UK Round One projects and continues to provide advice to offshore wind developers and government agencies in multiple countries around the world, across the project lifecycle.

Alun has been Project Director for several large-scale Environmental Impact Assessments (“EIA”) for offshore wind developments. Most recently he was the Project Director for the EIA for Hornsea Project One (1.2 GW), Hornsea Project Two (1.4 GW) and Project Three (up to 2.4 GW) in the UK. Each project, a world’s first in terms of project capacity.

In recent years, Alun has provided strategic advice to several governments and their agencies to support the development of guidance and leasing rounds in various offshore wind markets. He is now tasked with leading the RPS strategy to support the continued expansion of the offshore wind sector internationally.