Sangmok Roh

Sangmok is a highly skilled operations manager. He has over 14 years’ management experience including several large EPC contracts and operations management providing strategy, stakeholder liaison and risk management oversight. His last position was Operations Manager at Bayards South Korea, a European manufacturing company, where he was responsible for setting up the business including the implementation of effective procedures and systems to enhance productivity and service delivery.

He is focused growing our team in Seoul and finding pragmatic solutions to ensure successful project outcomes. Sam joined RPS in South Korea March 2020, just as we were starting to feel the impact of COVID related travel restrictions. We asked him to share his story so far – including his insights of the Korean offshore wind market, how he was our ‘boots on the ground’ to support our floating LiDAR buoy deployment for Equinor, and what’s next for RPS in South Korea.

QWhy did you decide to join RPS?

I joined RPS because I was attracted to their clear strategy for developing the RPS offering in the South Korean market, and I was keen to be a part of it. I was particularly excited to be a part of the energy transition by supporting the offshore wind sector.

I was supposed to travel to the UK and Australia to meet my colleagues and learn more about RPS capabilities and experience. And then, seemingly overnight the world went into lockdown.

Luckily, building a business in response to one of the fastest growing offshore wind markets around the world meant there was plenty of work to do.

Quick Q&A

Favourite restaurant?

Wine Works Korea in Seoul.

Any hobbies?

Watching movies on rainy days. Walking with my dogs on sunny days.

Favourite holiday destination?

France – Food and Wine

QTell about some of your career highlights at RPS so far

My first year was quite busy all things considered. The South Korean government has some ambitious plans for developing a renewable energy supply. I spent some time talking to their representatives, to really understand their drivers, their likely challenges and how RPS might help given our experience supporting governments and regulators internationally.

We delivered several site investigations and UXO projects that first year; and we launched two floating LiDAR buoys for Equinor’s Firefly project which have since completed their 12-month deployment.

QWhat do you think the next few years have in store for you, and for RPS in South Korea?

It’s a great time to be working in South Korea, and in offshore wind. We have some very good clients who are actively exploring this opportunity.  

We have a terrific partnership with a local engineering consultant, SEKWANG who we are currently working with to deliver the local and international ESIA for Equinor’s firefly project. They are an exceptional firm with deep expertise in maritime engineering and infrastructure - we are very excited to be working with them, sharing our knowledge, and growing this relationship.

During 2022 we will continue growing our team here in Seoul to continue the good work we’ve started delivering for our clients. The next several years promise to be challenging, but I’m excited about our future here.

For me personally, I hope I finally get to travel and meet my colleagues face to face – but if not, there is plenty to keep me busy here at home.

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Sangmok Roh

South Korea - Country Manager

Sangmok Roh
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